Solid Edition


Solid Edition


Presentation with optional 12" Tonarm WTB 313 und Ortofon Quintett Red

Solid Edition - A mass drive for pure Hifi.

The Acoustic Solid Edition uses our classic three-point support layout for maximum stability. The three feet are individually adjustable for ease of set-up. The 50mm thick platter is made from a special aluminium-lead alloy that has been chosen for its excellent resonance damping characteristics. The natural leather and acrylic combination platter mat has been carefully designed to damp resonances and vibrations within the record. Provision for three tone arm bases is provided to allow the maximum flexibility in system configuration.

The Acoustic Solid Edition provides our hallmark transparency and musicality in an easy to use package, at a very attractive price



50 mm thick aluminium machined from a single billet


Natural leather with a 5mm thick acrylic layer


3 feet, each individually height adjustable

Tone arm:

9" WTB213 with high quality phono cartridge


Microprocessor controlled power supply


String-drive by a separately housed synchronous motor


40 mm strong aluminum body


440 x 440 mm; 250 mm


Approx 33 kg